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Running two small hotels within a competitive market means we need to stay on top of our game. Our team is what gives us the edge. G3 currently employs 100 staff members with aims to grow in the coming months. We are an inclusive, equal opportunities employers with a multi-national, diverse team. We aim to provide our staff with the possibility and support to grow and flourish. In fact many of our team members have been with us for many years and have experienced many different areas of operations. As the world of work changes and competition grows, we do our best to tailor our ways of doing things to create the best possible work environment and ultimately the best possible service for our guests. We are proud to be a small, flexible company that can adapt and keep up with ongoing change.



  • G3 and its hotels offers a family style workplace away from your personal home. The sense of being a part of something gives me energy to strive harder and succeed in the tasks assigned. Maria Agius Purchasing & Cost Control Manager
  • I work here simply because I love my job. I am never put in a position where I am left overly stressed with no help and always treated with respect and dignity. Tanya Hanlon Receptionist / Shift Leader
  • Pergola gave me the opportunity to show what I am worth. Everybody here believes in me, even if I sometimes make mistakes. I am absolutely aware that corrections will help me to improve in my work. I think this job is helping me in being more self-confident and I am improving my English. Valentina Bonomo Front Office Assistant