Full of dynamic, creative energy and following a long-term vision that sees both infrastructure and services in constant evolution, G3 has several projects in the pipeline.


Thanks to the group’s experience in development and project management, infrastructure upgrades are planned and executed with ease. The complementary offerings of the two hotels allow us to keep operations running with minimal guest intrusion, creating the possibility for regular improvements that keep our properties competitive. 

Q3/2023 | DOMS Boutique Living & Brasserie (Complete)

Positioned right at the very core of the Mellieħa town square, DOMS Boutique Living will offer its guests a unique window to experience the culture and traditions that Malta has been long renown for. The property will retain original traditional features and will feature 8 rooms with each room being uniquely decorated and named after the town's most renown and historic spots.


Following the boost in success that the Group experienced after refurbishing and extending the Solana Hotel & Spa, our focus now turns to the long established Pergola Hotel & Spa. Between November 2019 and April 2020, the hotel shall undergo a complete refurbishment of all rooms and apartments. Upon reopening, the hotel will boast two refurbished restaurants; the Bonaventura main buffet restaurant which will also be extended, and the flagship Da Ciccio Cucina which will be given a completely fresh look. In addition to this, G3 Group is looking to embellish further the signature pool area and Cave Bar at the Pergola Hotel & Spa, by heating the panoramic, infinity pool and by installing a canopy outside the iconic bar which will provide shelter from the hot Maltese sun in Summer and the mild Winter cold that the low season months can offer. We are certain that this investment will elevate the product at the Pergola Hotel & Spa to a new standard, attracting new audiences in the process.

Q2/2018 | Solana Hotel & Spa: Refurbishment & Extension (Complete)

The most ambitious undertaking in recent years, The Solana Hotel extension project will be the main focus for the group during winter 2017/ 2018. After 15 years of operations, the Solana will get a facelift and extension with a newly designed lobby, an additional catering outlet and 60 new rooms. The refurbishment project will make the Solana a 160-room upper 4-star property that will include 15 top tier suites that will be an enhanced offering attracting new audiences.

Q2/2017 | Pergola Hotel & Spa: New Outdoor Dining Concept (Complete)

Wanting to create more beautiful outdoor spaces for guests as well as leave a positive impact on the surroundings, G3 embarked on a project to completely transform the outdoor steps that run between The Pergola Hotel & Spa and the Mellieha centre. Currently a mass of ill-maintained concrete, the group is injecting a much-needed dose of colour and greenery, as well as creating several seating areas for outdoor dining or simply a recreation by watching the world go by.

Q1/2017 | Pergola Hotel & Spa: New Pool Area (Complete)

Wanting to make the most of this hotel’s beautiful outdoor spaces, the group created a new top floor infinity pool that overlooks the iconic Mellieha church and enjoys extensive sea views. The refurbishment included a full upgrade of all pool area amenities and will eventually create a new flexible deck / bar area with a retractable roof. This space will provide a pool area extension with a dedicated outdoor bar. It can be easily transformed for use during events, opening up new possibilities for the hotel.