Two 4-star hotels in the North of Malta, a flexible management team, excellent guest service standards.


We manage two properties that support each other’s operation while offering complementary diversified products.

The proximity of the two hotels and the compact management team mean that decisions are taken and implemented swiftly, allowing us to stay flexible in responding to emerging changes and opportunities.

G3 holds high service standards and is proud to be able to tailor offerings to suit clients’ needs.


Pergola Hotel & Spa

The property that started our hotel operations, The Pergola is the company’s flagship situated on high ground in the village of Mellieha. This 105 room 4-star hotel enjoys expansive views and beautiful outdoor areas including a recently renovated infinity pool and deck.


Solana Hotel & Spa

The newer addition to the group, The Solana is a 183-room property which was recently upgraded to an upscale 4-star hotel featuring beautifully designed spaces.